Case: Diversity, equity and inclusion


As a work community, Posti is equal and non-discriminatory. We respect people of all kinds. Diversity, equity and inclusion are one of the foundations of Posti's sustainability program.

Throughout our history, we have consistently promoted a more equal work community and society. In 1864, we were the first state institution in Finland to hire women. In the 1980s, our first diversity committees were in operation, and in 2012, we were involved in launching the Diversity Charter Finland.

As a work community, Posti is equal and non- discriminatory. We respect people of all kinds. Diversity, equity and inclusion are one of the foundations of Posti's sustainability program.

Despite our history, the actual systematic work on diversity, equity and inclusion is relatively new both at Posti and in Finnish companies in general. During 2022, Posti launched a program that aims to compile the work already done to improve diversity, equity and inclusion and to identify what new measures are needed.

Pilot study provides more information to support work

We conducted the first study on diversity, equity and inclusion for a limited group of personnel. The study included a survey and qualitative interviews. The study focused on employee diversity and experiences of inappropriate behavior and inclusion or belonging at Posti. In addition, the study examined how diversity is perceived in our work community and what kinds of experiences people have had of it.

The results of the pilot study showed, among other things, that seven percent of people who feel that they belong to a sexual minority have experienced discrimination or harassment related to their gender or sexual orientation.

All in all, various questions about diversity and inclusion issues clearly indicated that members of sexual and gender minorities, people with disabilities and single parents had more negative experiences than other respondents. Women's responses were also distinct from other responses with somewhat more negative experiences. The qualitative interviews focused in particular on a deeper understanding of the latter observation.

84% of respondents felt they could be themselves at work. This is an important indicator when pursuing the goal defined in the sustainability program, according to which everyone should be proud of who they are and what they do. Nearly half of the respondents, 44%, expect Posti to do more to promote equity in the workplace. Young people and members of sexual minorities in particular stand out on this issue.

Increased awareness

We also raised employees' awareness of and competence in the subject area, through training for different target groups, such as the Posti Leadership Team, the Sustainability Forum, HR representatives and the Group’s Equality and Equal Treatment Committee. The training also focused on topics highlighted by the study. The challenges highlighted in the study were also openly reported on the company's intranet.

For several consecutive years, we have been a partner of Helsinki Pride – as we were also last year – and one of the ways to highlight diversity and equity issues was the Pride Pre-Party discussion event with our Sustainability Manager and Chief Shop Steward, organized at Box by Posti in the center of Helsinki.

The systematic diversity, equity and inclusion work launched now will be part of Posti's comprehensive People Journey program for the development of HR management, and it will be implemented in cooperation between the sustainability and HR unit and business operations.

In 2022, Posti carried out a pay equality survey. The survey showed that there is no unexplained gender pay gap at Posti. The ratio between women's and men's basic salary and total remuneration was 96.95% on December 31 (the entire Group excluding Aditro Logistics). In Finland, the ratio was 97.69% including Transval, and 100% without Transval.

In diversity, equity and inclusion, the experience of every Posti employee is important. The well-being of the majority is not enough if not everyone can experience it.

Equality and Equal Treatment Committee

Posti has an Equality and Equal Treatment Committee that monitors, investigates and supervises the realization of equality and equity. It processes annually, for example, a report on the salaries and wage differences between men and women and the placement of men and women in different positions.

The committee maintains a feedback channel through which it is possible to leave a notice confidentially, give feedback or ask for instructions on equality and equity. Awareness of the channel has been increased and the threshold for giving feedback has been lowered. In 2022, 14 submissions were made through the feedback channel, compared to three in 2021. Two representatives of the committee have been appointed to be in charge of the feedback channel: an employee representative and an employer representative.

Zero tolerance for bullying and harassment is one of the objectives of the Committee's program period. In 2022, this goal has been promoted, for example, in the Turvavartti safety meetings of operations. In August, the updated guidelines on Addressing inappropriate treatment and harassment at Posti were published.