Case: Well-being at work through proactive occupational health care


We work together with our occupational health partner to develop increasingly proactive occupational health services and joint operating models by targeting services and support with a needs-driven and low-threshold approach. We want to support our employees in taking active responsibility for their well-being and work ability.

Posti employees can use occupational health services through a number of different channels and for various needs. A low-threshold telephone service is provided as a first point of contact with the occupational health service provider to assess the need for care. Remote appointments with physicians are also available on a 24/7 basis. Digital treatment and coaching paths are also part of the occupational health model. Various tools are used to identify the need for support and there are different service channels for using occupational health services for different needs.

Support for mental well-being

There is an emphasis on mental well-being problems in Finnish society, and the same can be said for Posti. The need to promote and support mental well-being is also highlighted as Posti is going through a period of major changes that also involves changes in the requirements of working life. We offer services and support for promoting mental well-being, both in response to identified needs and for people who need more personalized support from the occupational health service provider and other partners.