Case: Support related to changes in working life


The Uusi polku program we introduced in August 2014 offers financial support to Posti employees who are thinking about a new career outside Posti. By the end of 2019, a total of 3,591 people had applied for the Uusi polku program and 2,239 people had been accepted into the program. In 2019, there were 558 applicants, of whom 214 were accepted.

Career coaching service opens new paths

We introduced a career coaching service in March 2019 to provide employees with the opportunity for personal career planning. Produced by the pension insurance company and a partner, the service seeks solutions to risks identified in early stages in relation to a decline in an employee’s work ability, competence or motivation. “The service helps people find a new career alternative if they find it challenging to cope with the demands of their current job. The same person can have work ability in a different job or an entirely different line of work,” says Posti’s Director of Well-being at Work Anne Tallgrén.