Case: Competence development


According to our vision, building the Posti of the future, a modern delivery and fulfillment company, requires our personnel’s competence to be state-of-the-art. The opportunity to develop competence is also one of the most important factors in job satisfaction and a good employee experience. Posti supports and facilitates diverse learning and continuous development. For example, all Posti employees and the personnel of our subcontractors have access to our digital learning platform. We report on the actual training volumes in more detail as part of our GRI index.
However, most of the learning at work takes place in day-to-day work while performing various tasks and taking on new challenges. Therefore, we implement competence development on the whole in accordance with three principles:

  1. Everyone is responsible for their own competence and its development. Enthusiasm and the
    will to develop oneself originates in the person themselves, while the employer and super- visor provide the setting and opportunities
    for development.
  2. Most learning happens at work. Formal training is only a small part of the big picture of competence development.
  3. Planning and organizing competence development activities is not the responsibility of an individual “training organization.”

Posti’s own experts actively take part in planning as well as implementing training.
Developing digital and technology skills and customer experience Digitalization spans everything Posti does, with impacts on business and customer behavior, as well as processes and work. Therefore, one of the key areas of competence development is the development of the personnel’s digital and technology skills. In 2021, Posti employees attended Big Data and Essentials of Data & Analytics online courses. In addition, we held regular Data Café events addressing business intelligence. Through online courses and events, we reached hundreds of Posti employees.

We also invest in the extensive development of customer understanding, customer experience, and customer service expertise. In spring 2021, we promoted customer service and digital skills with continued PUD (Pick Up and Delivery mobile device) and customer service training attended by more than 1,000 Posti and our partners’ drivers and drive arrangers.

We also regularly cooperate with educational institutions in the form of guest lectures and student assignments. In addition, we offer thousands of summer and seasonal jobs and diverse internships.