About Posti
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People Responsibility

We employ around 20,500 professionals in 10 countries. Posti is the largest private employer in Finland. We are an equal, international, multicultural, and tolerant workplace community. 

Developing professional competence

The constantly changing business environment and the pursuit of new growth give rise to new competence requirements. Posti develops the competence of the personnel in new services and their ability to address the opportunities of digitalizing business. Needs are assessed in personal target and development discussions.

Skilled and motivated personnel are an essential starting point for Posti's success and good results. Professional development is supported by providing employees with opportunities for on-the-job learning, support for self-motivated study and access to a range of training courses. The digital transformation of the business environment calls for new know-how, the capacity to learn new things and the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

On the path toward an accident-free workplace

Posti invests in the well-being of its employees. Posti aims to promote well-being for its personnel and their ability to cope with work to ensure that employees are motivated and healthy. Putting well-being at work into practice is part of the daily work of supervisors. Every Posti employee is also responsible for their own well-being and for promoting psychological well-being in the working community.

Posti's goal is to provide healthy and safe work and a healthy and safe working environment for its employees. In promoting safety at work, Posti's focus is on proactive measures. Accident prevention is a shared responsibility.

Improving and promoting occupational safety are important development areas for Posti. This work is done consistently in three areas:

  1. A systematic approach to the management of occupational safety
  2. Increasing competence and awareness
  3. Procedures, working methods and tools

Multiculturalism is a significant resource

Multiculturalism is a significant resource for our company. In Finland alone, our employees represent 80 nationalities.

Since 2012, we have been a member of Diversity Charter Finland, which is coordinated by the corporate responsibility network FIBS. We were among the first companies in Finland to sign the charter.

Diversity Charter Finland offers its members information on best practices in the management of diversity and support in business development. The dimensions of diversity include age, sex, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, operational capability, and religion, among other aspects.

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Responsible summer job

Responsible Summer Job campaign’s aim is to challenge employers to offer young people more and better quality summer jobs. The campaign also raises awareness on the importance of summer jobs and early job experiences.

Posti has also joined Responsible Summer Job campaign, and committed to the following principles: good candidate experience, meaningful work, introduction and training, justice and equality, fair wages, a written contract and a certificate of employment.

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Driver's Challenge

Since 2014, all of our delivery vehicles in Finland have driving style monitoring devices. The driving habit monitoring devices help to reduce fuel consumption and drive down carbon-dioxide emissions. What’s more, it will be possible to set and monitor regional targets for both consumption and emissions.

In March 2015, we hosted IPC's international Drivers’ Challenge competition in Ivalo. The driving habit index by the driving habit monitoring device played a decisive role in the selection of the Finnish competitors.