Our social and financial responsibility


Posti’s reform and future are built on people. We want to create an appreciative and safe working community where our employees can feel pride in being Posti employees and their work.

Posti is one of the leading postal and logistics service companies in Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries, and we serve our customers with 21,000 professionals. We also offer seasonal work each year to thousands of summer and Christmas employees. People, meaningful work and purpose-driven leadership are the cornerstones of our sustainability program. As part of our social responsibility agenda, we also ensure that internationally recognized human rights are respected in our value chain.

Meaningful work

Meaningful work means different things to different people, but altogether, it is built on our common purpose and values. A good and appreciative employee experience is of utmost importance to us, and it is linked to our strategy and sustainability program. Our goal is that our employees are committed and can feel pride in their work. We regularly measure our development with the Employee Engagement Index, and in 2021, our score was 6.4, on a scale of 1–10.

We are committed to promoting meaningful work and improving the engagement index has been made part of the Group’s management incentive scheme starting from 2022.

Purpose-driven leadership

Our leadership is built on common values, leadership principles, and inclusive management and corporate culture. We support and train managers- ment and supervisors, and encourage open and genuine interaction. We regularly measure the realization of purpose-driven leadership with the leadership index, and in 2021, our score was 6.9, on a scale of 1–10. Our goal is consistent leadership and managerial work that shows appreciation of people, partners, customers and the planet.

We continuously develop our Group-level sustainability work and carried out a sustainability risk assessment in 2021. The most significant social responsibility risks identified in the assessment were related to personnel availability, well-being and safety. The results of the assessments are used in supporting and developing Posti’s social responsibility work.

During 2022, we will continue our work to promote meaningful work and purpose-driven leadership, engage in active dialogue with our personnel, monitor our development and discuss the setting of the targets of the sustainability program focus areas.

Measuring employee experience and engagement

In 2021, we introduced Peakon, a new tool for measuring the Group’s employee experience and engagement. The tool provides a more comprehensive understanding of employees’ coping, employee experience and level of commitment. The first personnel survey with the new tool was conducted in the fall of 2021. The response rate to the survey was 62 percent and we received almost 37,000 development proposals. Through the survey, we identified support of the work community and colleagues and the clarity of expectations related to work as common strengths at the business and team level. Areas for development include strengthening ongoing dialogue and communication. During 2022, the survey will be conducted three times, allowing regular and comparable development and monitoring of measures.

You can read more on these themes and also on Posti's financial responsibility in our sustainability report.


The Postal Act was reformed in 2017. More information on the reforms is available here.