Posti to develop emission reporting of the global logistics supply chains



The logistics industry is still heavily dependent on fossil fuels and global transport needs are projected to grow significantly by 2050. By increasing the transparency and comparability of emissions data, logistics can be organized more climate-consciously. 

“Emission data are still fragmented and incomplete, and it is essential to find the right level of accuracy, where the accounting does not impose an unreasonable burden, especially on small transport companies, but is reliable and of sufficient quality to enable transport buyers to make sustainable choices,” says Posti’s Head of Climate and Environment Anna Heino.   

Posti is involved in developing emission accounting rules for the logistics value chain together with over 25 international players in a project of World Business Council for Sustainable Development and Smart Freight Center.  

"Our goal is to achieve utterly fossil-free transportation by 2030. It is crucial for our customers to manage the environmental impact of their global logistics chains as a whole. In this project, we are proud to work with other international organizations to develop tools for this need," says SVP Arttu Hollmérus.

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