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Code of Conduct

Message from the CEO

Responsibility has been the cornerstone of Posti’s operations for nearly 400 years since we started as a purely postal operator. Today, both our scope of business and geographic coverage have expanded considerably. Our commitment to responsibility remains strong—it’s part of our strategy, it’s based on our jointly defined values, and it’s also expected by our stakeholders.

Posti’s Code of Conduct defines the standard of behavior that everyone in Posti Group must follow. It contains the core issues which help employees choose the correct course of action in working life situations that demand personal discretion and judgment. The Code of Conduct is our commitment to do the right thing and ensures that we are never embarrassed to tell our families, colleagues or the public what we have done.

We have zero tolerance for breaches of laws and regulations, fair business practices, non-discrimination, avoidance of conflicts of interest, anti-corruption and bribery, and protection of the environment. We follow all applicable rules and regulations and cooperate openly and fairly towards any third party.

In particular, we value each other and treat everyone equally, regardless of ethnic origin, religion, gender, political opinion, age, nationality, sexual orientation, civil status or disability. We do not accept or pay bribes or give any other unlawful financial benefits to any authorities, customers or other parties under any circumstances.

Every Posti employee must study this Code of Conduct and agree to comply with it in connection with their own work. We are committed to providing help and training to enable you to follow this Code, and you are encouraged to seek more information from your supervisor when necessary. I encourage you to keep the Code of Conduct with you and refer to it often for guidance.

Every Posti employee who becomes aware of or suspects activity in violation with this Code of Conduct is obligated to report his or her suspicions. The Code explains how you can do this. An employee who has reported a suspicion of misconduct may rely on the discreet and confidential processing of the matter and will not be subject to consequences due to filing a report.

Following the Code of Conduct secures our business success and equally importantly it promotes a fair work environment for all Posti people, who devotedly contribute to this success every day.

Heikki Malinen

President and CEO of Posti Group Corporation


The Group maintains a system which enables employees to report any activity that contradicts laws or this Code of Conduct. Through anonymous web form, you may ask general questions relating to our Code of Conduct. You may also report any concerns regarding, or any allegations of, potential violations of law or regulations or our Code.