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Transport and emissions from vehicles represent approximately 85% of our carbon-dioxide emissions in Finland. As the largest transport and delivery company in the country, we play an important role in the development of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient transport operations.

We improve the environmental efficiency of transport operations primarily by planning routes efficiently, ensuring a high utilization rate, combining deliveries, and driving in an environmentally responsible manner.

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Driving style monitoring

Since 2014, all of our delivery vehicles in Finland have driving style monitoring devices. The driving habit monitoring devices help to reduce fuel consumption and drive down carbon-dioxide emissions. What’s more, it will be possible to set and monitor regional targets for both consumption and emissions.

In March 2015, we hosted IPC's international Drivers’ Challenge competition in Ivalo. The driving habit index by the driving habit monitoring device played a decisive role in the selection of the Finnish competitors.

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Cutting emissions with alternative vehicles

We were the first in Finland to start using a natural-gas-powered vehicle for delivery purposes in 2006. In 2011, we began to use 100% renewable and 100% Finnish Gasum biogas in our biogas-powered vehicles. The use of biogas does not cause significant small particles that are harmful to health.

We are testing the suitability of electric cars and three-wheeled cargo mopeds for mail delivery in various locations in Finland. In addition to minimizing emissions, these vehicles are nearly silent - a fact that increases both job satisfaction and environmental friendliness. Electric vans are well suited for urban deliveries. Already half of our mopeds are electric mopeds planned especially for mail delivery.

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Non-idling policy

We have implemented idling-free areas outside post centers, terminals and warehouses. Entrances are equipped with signs 'idling not allowed'. This applies to all drivers, employees and visitors.

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Environmentally friendly subcontracting

In tendering processes for subcontractors, we use an environmental point system observing the vehicles' European emission classes. We require that our partners' vehicles be at least of the Euro III class, preferably in the Euro IV class.

When acquiring transport services, we favor transportation companies who have signed the energy efficiency contract for the transportation sector and taken measures accordingly.

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Company cars with lower emissions

For limited benefit company cars the maximum carbon emission level is 150 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer. New company cars, with a maximum emissions level of 100 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer, are given a monthly EUR 100 deduction from the vehicle's taxation value.