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Environmental Responsibility

Our Environmental Program

Posti’s environmental management is based on environmental management standards, particularly ISO 14001, as well as legal and official requirements, and the UN Global Compact principles. Our quality and environmental policy covers all of our countries of operation.

Posti's environmental program

The key goal in our environmental program is to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 30% by 2020 (compared with 2007, in relation to net sales). The key methods for this include improving energy efficiency and using renewable energy sources with lower emissions. We have joined the Property and Building Sector Energy Efficiency Agreement, and we are committed to improve the energy efficiency of our buildings by 10,5% by 2025 (baseyear 2014).

These methods apply to nearly all of our activities:

Society’s Commitment to Sustainability

Society’s Commitment to Sustainability

The Finland we want by 2050 ─ Society's commitment to sustainability contains a vision and objectives and principles on how to ensure a good life for both current and future generations.

Organisations, companies and private individuals can give operational commitments to sustainable development and ideas on implementing sustainable development. Posti has committed to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 30% as presented above.

Green Office logo

Engaging our personnel

Posti’s headquarters is a member of the WWF Green Office network. It is an environmental management system for offices. With its help, workplaces are able to reduce their ecological footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. And also save money.

As part of our ISO 14001 management system, we increase our employees’ environmental awareness through training, employee orientation and communication.