Sealed with pride

map of Sealed with pride
Some of Posti’s mailboxes decorated with rainbows for Helsinki Pride week

Some of Posti’s mailboxes in central Helsinki will be decorated with the colors of the rainbow for the duration of Helsinki Pride week on June 25–July 1.

“Posti is one of the largest corporate employers in Finland, and we are proud of the diversity and competence of our personnel. It is important to us that we can promote equality, non-discrimination and human rights in our daily work and in society as a whole. They are themes that we are committed to through instructions to all Posti employees. As an employer, it is essential to us that each Posti employee is accepted as they are and can feel that they are an important part of our work community,” says Noomi Jägerhorn, Head of Sustainability at Posti. 

Posti is a support partner for Helsinki Pride this year. Helsinki Pride is a culture and human rights event organized annually by the NGO HeSeta ry. The point of the event is to bring attention to the fact that equal rights belong to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender.

mailbox Sealed with pride 

This year’s theme is Voice

The theme of this year’s Helsinki Pride is voice and giving a voice to those whose voices are rarely heard in society. To honor the theme, we are bringing the correspondence of Touko Laaksonen, better known as the artist Tom of Finland, to the ears of the public again. Laaksonen’s correspondence was placed on public display for the first time at the exhibition “Sealed with a Secret – Correspondence of Tom of Finland” at Postal Museum in Vapriikki, Tampere on September 6, 2014–March 29, 2015.

In her book “Sealed with a Secret – Correspondence of Tom of Finland” (Like 2017), Susanna Luoto describes the correspondence and the voice in the letters: “The voice in the letters is that of a brother, a young soldier, a musician, an advertisement man, a fetishist, an artist, a globetrotter, a friend, a business partner and, finally, a man growing older while suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – the voice of Touko Laaksonen and Tom of Finland. The recipient of a letter will also affect the voice of the writer. And so the letters of Tom vary greatly in style, too, depending on whether he is writing to his sisters or his closest friends.”

The correspondence of Touko Laaksonen (in Finnish) as read by actor Ville Virtanen: https://tarinasoitin.fi/tom

The map is designed by Tiina Arponen @muitaihania.