The electrical power used by Posti in Finland has been produced with 100 percent renewable energy. 

Large properties such as warehouses, terminals and postal centers use about 80 per cent of all electricity. All our logistics operations in Finland are fully covered by environmental certificate. We also have an ISO 14001 compliant environmental management system in our warehouses in Russia.

Posti was among the first to join the new energy efficiency agreement period 2017–2025. The agreement is a voluntary commitment to improve energy efficiency. 

Posti aims to reduce the energy consumption of its facilities by 10.5 percent during the review period 2014–2025. We are changing to LED lights and also making changes to lighting control. Lighting is responsible for nearly 60 percent of the energy consumption in Posti’s facilities.

The aim of our waste management is to minimize landfill waste and increase recoverable waste. In 2017, the recovery rate was at 99 percent and the recycling rate was 65 percent.

1,920 solar panels

Last winter, Posti mounted 1,920 solar panels on the roof of its Vantaa logistics center. The nominal power of the plant is 500 kW. Its calculated annual output is 450,000 kW. This is equal to the annual consumption of approximately 25 detached houses. Posti uses all of the energy itself, because the logistics center operates around the clock.

Recycling of work clothing

Posti uses a recycling model to maximize the life cycle of valuable and usable work clothing. Extra, usable work clothing is sent to the warehouse of the work clothing supplier, where the clothing is washed, repaired and labelled and recycled.

When ordering new work clothing, recycled clothing is always received first.

Green Office logo

Engaging our personnel

Posti’s headquarters is a member of the WWF Green Office network. It is an environmental management system for offices. With its help, workplaces are able to reduce their ecological footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. And also save money.

As part of our ISO 14001 management system, we increase our employees’ environmental awareness through training, employee orientation and communication.