Posti introduces alternate-day delivery in new areas


Posti will introduce alternate-day delivery in new areas in September–October. In alternate-day delivery, day mail is delivered on different days on an alternating week basis in the same postal code area. The delivery days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday in one week and Tuesday and Thursday in the following week.

Day mail delivery includes letters, magazines, advertisements and small parcels that fit in the mail slot or box. Alternate-day delivery does not apply to either the early-morning delivery of newspapers or parcel delivery.

The reason for the change is the decline in the volume of printed mail, which has decreased by 70 per cent over the past ten years and continues to decline. With less printed mail to deliver, we have had to change the delivery schedule.

Alternate-day delivery to be introduced in different parts of Finland

Alternate-day delivery is already in use in Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen and Tampere. Next, alternate-day delivery will be introduced in the following areas:

The delivery of newspapers and parcels to continue as before – changes to the day mail delivery schedule

The early-morning delivery of newspapers will continue as before in the areas where Posti carries out early-morning delivery.

In general, parcel delivery will continue as before. As an exception, small parcels that fit in the mailbox or mail slot will be delivered in alternate-day delivery with day mail.

What will change is the delivery schedule of day mail. The delivery days of certain magazines and advertisements may change, and we will deliver them according to the schedules to be agreed with the senders.

Stamped letters and postcards are also delivered with day mail. These are universal service items, the delivery of which is the statutory responsibility of Posti. We deliver these items in accordance with the Postal Act.

Fewer kilometers driven and emissions produced, more full-time work

Alternate-day delivery supports Posti’s climate goals. Alternate-day delivery allows us to optimize delivery routes and thereby reduce our mileage, fuel costs and CO2 emissions. Posti is committed to achieving zero emissions by 2030.

Alternate-day delivery also helps Posti continue to provide full-time work for its employees and reduces the number of part-time jobs.