Special postmarks to be stamped on Christmas greetings in Helsinki from December 1


Helsinki will use a special postmark, designed specifically for Christmas greetings, from Tuesday, December 1. This year, special postmarks are available for Christmas greetings for about two and a half weeks, every day on December 1–17.

Mailboxes reserved for special postmark items will be placed near Postitalo’s entrances at Mannerheiminaukio 1 and Elielinaukio 2. You will recognize the mailboxes by the picture of the Christmas postmark on the mailbox’s information field.

This year’s Christmas postmark features gingerbread

The traditional Christmas postmark, which puts the finishing touch on a true Christmas greeting, has been extremely popular among customers. Helsinki’s special postmark decorates about 300,000 Christmas greetings every year.

This year’s Christmas postmark for Helsinki was designed by Paula Salviander. The postmark features a gingerbread man and a gingerbread heart. The text “Joulu–Julen”, written in cursive, is included in the postmark.

Last mailing dates for Christmas greetings

Domestic Christmas greetings (EUR 1.20) with a Christmas no-value indicator stamp must be dropped off in a mailbox by midnight on Monday, December 14.

Christmas greetings with a domestic no-value indicator stamp (EUR 1.75) will be delivered by Christmas if they are mailed in accordance with the mailbox emptying times by Thursday, December 17.

You can check the locations and emptying times of mailboxes at posti.fi/postit.

The last mailing dates for domestic and international Christmas greetings and parcels can be found at posti.fi/joulu. The website also has information about Posti’s services and service points.


Image material for the media: https://digilibrary.emmi.fi/l/JbzH7G_MBnmS