Posti: Special arrangements in Postinen deliveries in parts of the country


This week, Postinen, which includes the advertisements delivered by Posti, will be exceptionally delivered on Thursday instead of Wednesday in some parts of the country. However, the majority of mail will be delivered as normal in most parts of Finland.

“We’re currently experiencing some issues in the production of Postinen. Unfortunately, it’s the sum of many things that significantly affect our production capacity. We’re resorting to these special arrangements to minimize the inconvenience to our customers. We’ll deliver letter items scheduled for Thursday already on Wednesday, and Postinen will be delivered a day late on Thursday in parts of the country,” says Marko Enberg, Posti’s Head of Quality & Efficiency, Postal Services.

The postal codes of the areas in which Postinen will be delivered on Thursday begin with these numbers: 03–10, 11–19, 20–21, 45–49, 50–52, 53–56, 57–59, 87–89. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers.