Posti continues the early-morning delivery of Etelä-Suomen Media newspapers in East Uusimaa until 2022


Posti continues the early-morning delivery of Etelä-Suomen Media newspapers in East Uusimaa until the end of 2022. Etelä-Suomen Media Oy, part of the Keskisuomalainen Group, and Posti Ltd signed an extension to the contract on early-morning deliveries on December 31, 2019. This means that Posti will continue the early-morning delivery of the following newspapers in East Uusimaa: Uusimaa, Keski-Uusimaa, Sipoon Sanomat, Loviisan Sanomat and Pyhtäänlehti.

Posti employs approximately 3,100 newspaper deliverers as of January 1, 2020.  Posti currently carries out early-morning delivery in the capital region, East Uusimaa, South-East Finland, South Savo, Central Finland, Ostrobothnia, North Karelia and, from the beginning of this year, in the Tampere region and Satakunta.

“The competitive situation between delivery companies is fierce in Uusimaa. East Uusimaa is an interesting market area. The region has several popular newspapers with extremely loyal readers. This contract allows Posti to stabilize its position in East Uusimaa and secure jobs in the region. The good quality of deliveries and committed deliverers have also has a significant impact on the conclusion of this contract,” says Kimmo Kauranen, Head of Newspaper Services at Posti.

Posti’s Product Manager Petri Heikkinen is satisfied with the contract signed with Etelä-Suomen Media, which is part of the Keskisuomalainen group. According to him, the contract completes the cooperation carried out with Keskisuomalainen.

“Posti carries out delivery cooperation with Keskisuomalainen in several regions in Finland, such as contract-based delivery in the Kaakon Viestintä Oy area in South-East Finland and in the main circulation area of newspaper Keskisuomalainen in Central Finland,” Kauranen explains.

Posti’s operations are financed by service charges paid by customers, and the company is not subsidized by the State. The increase in unit costs caused by the rapid digitalization of communications and the decline in the volume of print deliveries have made newspaper deliveries challenging for all delivery companies.  Posti must be able to compete with other companies operating in the delivery sector. 

“Posti’s strategy is to have a strong presence in publication delivery. The contract is proof that we are able to carry out early-morning delivery in a competitive, cost-effective and high-quality manner. In the future, early-morning delivery will have a central role in utilizing the synergies of delivery networks.”