Colorful energy in September’s stamps


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The stamps to be published on September 6 feature impressive nature photos, familiar urban park scenes and the unusual sculptures of Jasmin Anoschkin. This date will also mark the publication of the long-awaited Mannerheim stamp.


Four seasons in the 100-stamp roll

Graphic designer Stiina Hovi has designed a stamp series featuring Finnish nature and its four seasons.

Four different stamps will be published in the requested stamp roll and they will be accepted for domestic deliveries. The 100-stamp roll will be reintroduced to the market because of feedback: the rolls have been the favorites of buyers and retailers alike.

"Four seasons are the richness of Finnish nature. However, with climate change, the boundaries between seasons are becoming fuzzier. I hope that these stamps, for their part, remind people of the fact that everybody must protect the unique nature," Hovi says.


National urban parks: Turku, Porvoo and Hämeenlinna

Illustrator and graphic designer Timo Mänttäri is the artist behind the colorfully stylized, familiar landmarks in the stamps depicting the urban parks in Turku, Porvoo and Hämeenlinna.

National urban parks make up a network of valuable urban landscapes that covers the most important locations with regard to urban culture and nature. There are currently eight national urban parks in Finland.

"I have illustrated many postcards depicting Helsinki. It was a pleasure to draw other cities, too. I visited all the three cities to look for the most suitable themes and angles," Mänttäri says.

The National urban parks sheet has 30 domestic no-value indicator stamps.


Jasmin Anoschkin's art is full of color and joy

Posti's first art award was handed over to sculptor Jasmin Anoschkin in March. In addition to EUR 10,000 of prize money, the award includes the publishing of stamps based on the artist's works.

Three playful works were selected for the stamp series: ceramic kissing lips, a koala and a giraffe, and a reindeer made of wood.

"I sculpt wood using a chainsaw and axe and shape clay with a rough hand," Anoschkin says about her working methods. The outcomes are funny, colorful works of art that reflect the origins of the idea behind them: going back to the memories of childhood.

The sheet was designed by Paula Salviander and consists of 15 domestic no-value indicator stamps. The stamps will be published on September 6, and Jasmin Anoschkin's private exhibition will be opened at ARTag Gallery in Helsinki on the same date. 


Mannerheim stamp with a photograph from the Continuation War

September 6 will mark the publication of a Personalized stamp depicting Marshal of Finland Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim (1867-1951). The stamp was designed in cooperation with the Mannerheim Museum and the Mannerheim Foundation. The photograph in the stamp is from the Continuation War and by Aarne Pietinen (1884-1946).

"The atmosphere shown on the stamp is unique. The worries of the war have been set aside for a moment, and what counts is the relationship between a horseman and his horse," says Toni Piipponen, head of the Mannerheim Museum. The illustration in the sheet refers to Mannerheim's extensive international correspondence that presents an interesting window into the private person behind the strong public figure.

The sheet has ten domestic no-value indicator stamps. The entity has been designed by Paula Salviander


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