Stamps depict the history of independent Finland


Finland in Stamps to be published in May

Posti has released almost 2,500 different postage stamps since Finland gained its independence, each depicting the history of the country in its own way. The stamps and their subjects reflect the development and trends of Finnish society in different decades.

Posti has produced a jubilee book about Finnish history in various fields of life, as presented in stamps. The Finland in Stamps book will be published at the FINLANDIA 2017 philately event in Tampere, from May 24 to 28.

The subjects and production methods of Finnish stamps have changed immensely over decades. Printing technology has developed, and new trends can be seen in the graphic design of the stamps. Many noted artists, illustrators, graphic designers and photographers have left their mark on stamps.

Publishing policies have become more liberal, and official-looking stamps have made room for more varied themes, including culture, sports, education, design, vehicles and landscapes. Nature is by far the most popular subject area. Christmas stamps are an essential part of the pre-holiday spirit, and they are printed in large volumes every year.

National stamps are an example of everyday graphics, and the subjects depicted in them still give rise to heated discussions. - Recently released stamps that have roused public interest include Tom of Finland and Karelian pasties, says Laura Luoma, COO at Posti.

Paper-based communication has a unique power that sets it apart from digital alternatives. - Posti believes that stamps, cards and letters will continue to communicate genuine feelings for a long time to come, Luoma says.

The book can already be bought in advance

Finland in Stamps is easy to read and rich in images, which makes it a good read for everyone or a nice present. The text of the book is in three languages (Finnish, Swedish, English), and the price is EUR 30. The book can already be bought in advance in Posti’s online shop at

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