The advance sales of the Exciting Fabergé collector’s stamp booklet at Posti’s online shop


The opening day of FINLANDIA 2017, May 24,will also mark the publishing of the Agathon Fabergé stamp booklet. A total of 6,000 booklets will be issued.

Almost 30 years ago, the entry ticket to the FINLANDIA 88 exhibition was a stamp booklet published by Posti. The unused batch of that print run now provides the basis of the new edition. The booklet introduces one of the most famous collectors of philately in Finland: Agathon Fabergé (1876-1951). He was a Russian-born goldsmith and philatelist. His father Peter Carl Fabergé is known for the Fabergé eggs.

The booklet will be published on May 24 with a retail price of EUR 30. The sales will support the FINLANDIA 2017 exhibition. The value of the additionally printed Fabergé booklet will be the value of a domestic shipment under 50 g, EUR 1.30. The Fabergé booklet is an official stamp publication by Posti. It is not included in the Posti annual program or the Stamp Year Pack. *)

The additional printing was realized with two colors. The old value marking with Finnish marks was nullified and the new domestic value, a map of Finland, was created with holographic foil. In addition, the FINLANDIA 2017 logo was printed in the margin of the booklet with blue foil. The additional printing has been done one booklet at a time.

Booklets are sold individually packed in opal envelopes that have consecutive numbering made by perforating. The package includes an Agathon Fabergé postcard included in the FINLANDIA 2017 series of postcards with the number 42. FINLANDIA 2017 has prepared the product in cooperation with Posti.

The advance sales of the new Fabergé booklet will begin on March 1. at the Posti online shop. A total of 2,000 booklets will be sold in advance sales. Deliveries will begin on May 23.

The remaining 4,000 booklets will be sold in Tampere at the largest stamp exhibition in Europe, FINLANDIA 2017 on May 24-28. The Fabergé booklet does not have a first day cover and cachet, instead the FINLANDIA 2017 special postmark will be available at Tampere Hall every day of the exhibition.

*) Modified on March 9, 2017: Contrary to what was reported earlier, the Agathon Fabergé booklet of stamps is not included in Posti's official annual program.


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