Beloved themes in stamps: the sauna, Moomins and Finland’s coat of arms


Posti will publish four stamp publications on May 24 that feature themes beloved by the Finns: the sauna, Moomins and Finland's lion-themed coat of arms as an embossed special publication of the Saarinen model.

The first stamps of independent Finland

The idea of the lion-themed coat of arms stamps comes from the first Finnish stamp publications, the Model 1917 Saarinen stamps. The miniature sheet is a tribute to two stamps designed by architect Eliel Saarinen, but the original payment indication in Finnish marks has been replaced with the payment indication of a domestic no-value indicator stamp.

The name of the first stamps of independent Finland comes from the name of Eliel Saarinen, the designer of the stamps. The first stamp in the series already came out on October 1, 1917, before Finland gained her independence, and the remaining eight stamps in the series with different values were published by the end of December 1917. In addition, 19 new different stamps with different color and value combinations were published later. All in all, 28 different stamps were published. In 1919 and 1921, they were provided with a surcharge increasing their nominal value, due to inflation. The last Saarinen stamps remained in use until the end of 1930.

The miniature sheet consisting of two stamps was designed by Ari Lakaniemi and Susanna Rumpu.

Malli 1917 Saarinen  

Finland's coat of arms in a festive special publication

Finland's coat of arms 1917 is a ten-euro special stamp designed by Pekka Piippo.

The only visible printing on the embossed stamp is its golden foil. In UV light, the map of Finland and a graph depicting the genetic background of Finns appear on the miniature sheet and the stamp. The graph is based on research carried out by Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland, which is part of the University of Helsinki, and the National Institute for Health and Welfare.

The background of the stamp features an iconic photograph taken by Martti Jämsä in the series Summer (1994-2003). In the photo, a small child is standing in a calm Finnish lake with a swimming ring, looking towards the opposite shore. Many Finns have memories about moments of this kind.

Suomen vaakuna 

The new Moomin museum celebrates with Moomins' time travel

The Moomins' time travel booklet of stamps celebrates the opening of the new Moomin museum in Tampere. Tove Jansson's original Moomins from various decades depict the development of the characters over the course of time.

The booklet of five international no-value indicator stamps was designed by Ari Lakaniemi and Susanna Rumpu.

Muumit FDC 

Sauna atmosphere in stamps through a photo competition

In summer 2016, Posti and the tabloid paper Ilta-Sanomat collected almost 1,500 sauna photos from their readers. A jury selected four of the photos to be included in the booklet of stamps, as well as one additional sauna-themed photo from the Åland Islands. The booklet of domestic no-value indicator stamps was designed by Klaus Welp. The Sauna stamps are a joint release with Åland Post.

- The atmosphere and closeness of nature in the photos show the Finnish sauna at its best in summer, says Design Manager Tommi Kantola from Posti who acted as the chairman of the jury.

Other members in the jury were graphic designers Jukka Kinanen, Matti Remes and Klaus Welp from the Stamp Art Committee and photographer Pete Aarre-Ahtio from Ilta-Sanomat.

Sauna FDC 

First Day Event at Tampere Hall

The first day event for stamps to be published on May 24 will exceptionally be arranged at Tampere Hall on the opening day of the international FINLANDIA 2017 stamp exhibition.

Tampere hall is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., during which visitors to Posti's stand (no. 40) will have the chance to receive first day cachets on their items.

Stamp artists will sign products in the lobby from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. and be interviewed on the program stage between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.

New stamps, first day covers and other stamp products are on sale at the Posti stand, including the Finland in Stamps jubilee book and the Agathon Fabergé 2017 collector's booklet. At the same time, visitors can congratulate Finland. Posti's Finland 100 campaign collects signatures for the world's longest congratulatory letter that will be presented to the President of the Republic of Finland before Independence Day.

A special postmark for the event is available at the Posti stand. The special European Stamp Exhibition Finlandia 2017  postmark features the exhibition label designed by Jari Peurajärvi, with the roof of Tampere Hall as the background. The postmark drawing is by Tapani Talari.

FINLANDIA 2017 (May 24-28, 2017) is the largest philately exhibition in Europe in 2017. The exhibition celebrates Finland's 100 years of independence. The benefactor of the exhibition is President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö.

Tampere Hall is located at the address Yliopistonkatu 55, 33100 Tampere.

Further information

Image material for the media

Technical data of Finnish stamps to be published on May 24, 2017 (PDF)

Tekniska data om finländska frimärken som utkommer den 24.5.2017 (PDF)

Technische Daten zu den ab 24. Mai 2017 erhältlichen finnischen Briefmarken (PDF)

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PHOTO 1, photographer: Anselmi Aumo, place: Saarijärvi

PHOTO 2, photographer: Juha Kainulainen, place: Parikkala, Särkisalmi

PHOTO 3, photographer: Mikael Sjöblom, place Haukivuori

PHOTO 4, photographer: Marjo Hanhisalo, place: Luopioinen

PHOTO 5, Åland Post, photographer: Joel Ebersson, place: Ängösund, Lumparland