Posti’s logistics center in Vantaa to receive its own solar power plant


Posti's logistics center in Vantaa, the first service center for online store logistics in Finland, will soon be powered with Posti's own solar energy.

Posti uses only sustainable energy and, in the future, part of it will be produced at Posti's own solar power plant: 1,920 solar panels will be mounted on the roof of the Vantaa logistics center this winter. The nominal power of the plant is 500 kW, which makes it one of the largest solar power plants in Finland.

- We have signed an agreement on the energy efficiency of buildings, and we actively promote sustainability through various efforts. The calculated annual output of the plant is 450,000 kWh. This equals an annual consumption of approximately 25 detached houses. We will use all of the energy we produce ourselves, because our logistics center operates 24/7, says Antti J. Pitkänen, Operational Director at Posti Kiinteistöt.

The location and structure of the logistics center make it particularly well-suited as a solar power plant. The solar panels will be mounted on the roof of the robot-assisted hybrid warehouse, which is located at the southeastern corner of the extensive, 94,000 m2 building. The adoption of LED lighting is another example of how Posti is improving energy efficiency at the logistics center.

Posti's logistics center in Vantaa employs approximately 600 people. Its average daily volume is 86,000 parcels and 3,000 transport units. During peak times (such as the holiday season), the number of items handled in one day can increase to 150,000. The hybrid warehouse that operates on the same premises allows e-commerce operators to have up to two or three additional sales days during peak seasons. Customers, in turn, will enjoy fast delivery of their e-commerce orders, even on the day the order is placed.

All of Posti's services and operations in Finland are 100% carbon neutral.

The solar panels are provided by Naps Solar Systems.