Posti offers its new home services to the South Karelia Social and Health Care District


Posti has launched the first municipal cooperation within Posti's new home services with the South Karelia Social and Health Care District Eksote. During the 12-month pilot, Posti's employees will help Eksote's home care clients as well as clients using services for the disabled in their daily lives as part of meal or mail delivery. Eksote's aim in combining home care with Posti's services is to improve its clients' ability to function and quality of life at home.

Eksote wants to make the support its clients need for coping at home as easily and flexibly available as possible. Posti's network of professionals reaches both densely and sparsely populated areas every weekday, which helps municipalities to provide support in the client's home.

- All our clients have their individual needs and ways of life, which means that the services must be customizable. Receiving help from Posti's employee for daily tasks to complement home care will mean stronger support networks for our clients. The feedback from our clients has been positive. Many of our clients already know Posti's employees from meal and mail delivery, says Taina Jaako, Director of Care at Eksote.

- Posti's task is to help clients with their daily chores during the visit, to talk to them, and to notify Eksote of any exceptions. Combining home services with Posti's other operations - meal deliveries or mail delivery - is a natural choice. Posti can arrange even short visits cost-effectively, Tiina Tapionlinna, Project Director at Posti says.

Posti helps with daily chores, Eksote provides care

Posti's employees will perform specific, predefined tasks. Depending on the client's needs, these could include warming up meals, assisting in eating, and other forms of support for everyday life. Eksote's employees are responsible for health care and other tasks that require competence in social or health care.

- In the care for the elderly, helping the clients with their everyday chores is a major part of the work of home care providers, and the contract with Posti will give us more resources for this. The aging of the population will increase the need for services provided in homes. For Eksote's clients in services for the disabled, Posti creates added value through an improved sense of security, by having someone visit the clients between the visits by our professionals, Merja Heinonen, Service Manager at Eksote says.

Posti's home services are available for clients selected by Eksote in Ylämaa, Savitaipale and Rautjärvi. Posti has years of experience in cooperation with municipal home care in the form of meal deliveries.

Posti's employees are always near

As digitalization is decreasing the volume of traditional mail, Posti is investing in developing its business in services related to care, security, housekeeping, and property management. Posti's network of professionals and our transport fleet cover the entire country, and they can be used for the benefit of companies, cities and consumer customers in many ways in addition to the delivery of mail and meals. Posti reaches 2.8 million households every weekday.

Posti has launched a trial with Securitas on alarm and security services in Muhos and Ylivieska. The trial will last for this spring. In Oulu, Posti has launched a pilot project, during which Posti's mail deliverers visit the homes of elderly clients. The deliverer meets the elderly client and informs their family member of how the person was feeling that day. In addition, Posti is planning to extend its services to housekeeping and property management.


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South Karelia Social and Health Care District (Eksote) provides health, family, social, and elderly services that promote people's health, well-being, and ability to function. Eksote makes service agreements with the municipalities, based on the service need of the population. Eksote is a joint municipal authority that comprises nine municipalities: Imatra, Lappeenranta, Lemi, Luumäki, Parikkala, Rautjärvi, Ruokolahti, Savitaipale, and Taipalsaari. The population served by Eksote is approximately 133,000. The services produced by Eksote include outpatient care, oral health care, mental health care and substance abuse services, laboratory and imaging examination services, medicinal care, rehabilitation services, hospital services, family services, social services for adults, special services for the disabled, and flexible services for the elderly that are adaptable to the needs and age structure of the population. Eksote includes the South Karelia health care district and the South Karelia special care district.​