Posti modernises online grocery shopping: groceries delivered to the customer’s door with mail and parcels


Posti has developed an online grocery delivery concept that combines grocery delivery with the traditional delivery of mail and parcels. The cold chain is maintained throughout the delivery process by using boxes designed for online grocery deliveries. The service is also available in sparsely populated areas.

For consumers, the new services means broader selections of products even in sparsely populated areas. For online stores and small producers, the service provides access to a wider customer base. The service will be introduced in five areas in summer 2016.

- Online shopping and home delivery give customers access to the product selection of a large supermarket without having to leave their homes. This service makes daily life significantly easier, especially for groups such as senior citizens living at home and families who don’t own a car, says Vice President Sami Finne from Parcel and Logistics Services.

Access to a wider range of products also makes life easier for people who need special food items and ingredients. The service has attracted interest among groups such as people with allergies, home bakers and ethnic food enthusiasts.  Online grocery deliveries in sparsely populated areas are often also useful for summer residents.

Figure 1. Delivery areas in the first phase in summer 2016

Cold chain maintained throughout delivery

Posti uses boxes specifically designed for online grocery deliveries. The cold chain, which is essential in the transport and storage of groceries, is maintained throughout delivery.

The products are kept in plastic bags inside the boxes, but tissue packages, drink crates and other space-consuming items are delivered in their retail packaging. The boxes that are used in transport are kept cold by cold gel packs. The delivery of frozen groceries is being piloted in summer 2016 and it will be expanded in autumn 2016.

Temperature-controlled boxes also work well in the delivery of pharmaceutical products

Posti’s new transport boxes also facilitate the delivery of other temperature-controlled products, such as pharmaceuticals.

- The suitability of a pharmaceutical product for this transport method is always assessed by the pharmacy. Pharmacies are also responsible for packing pharmaceutical products in insulated boxes. The transport of pharmaceutical products is always performed in accordance with the instructions issued by pharmacies. In urban areas, we can even achieve same-day deliveries, which is certain to be highly valued by customers who need medicine quickly, Finne explains.