Electronic products containing lithium batteries can now be sent by air


Posti Ltd has received permission from the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi to accept installed lithium batteries in air transport.  In practice it has been possible for consumers and companies to send items of this kind as of January 7, 2016.

Fluent cooperation with Trafi enabled the completion of a long process, which included changes to Finnish legislation, for instance. Posti is delighted with the solution.
- This makes everybody’s life easier: the sender of a gift can choose more freely what he/she will give and a mobile phone that a passenger has forgotten in Finland is no longer a catastrophe. People buy a lot of consumer electronics via the Internet and now it is also possible to return goods abroad, says Product Manger Minna Toppinen from Posti.
Until now it has been difficult for domestic companies to send consumer electronics to overseas destinations.
 - For instance, Posti can offer domestic online retailers a competitive price for sending consumer electronics abroad both as a parcel and a letter.

Careful packaging ensures that the shipment will reach its destination

Even though small electronic items containing lithium batteries can now also be sent to overseas destinations, the sender must always check country-specific limitations.
A standalone battery cannot be sent but the battery must always be installed in a device and it must be ensured that the device is switched off during transport. For instance, a camera cannot be sent in a sales package in which the lithium battery is placed next to the device. The item should be packaged carefully in a sufficiently large cardboard case and the movement of the contents prevented using bubble wrap or newspaper to fill the case. No specific markings are needed on the package.


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