A new way to send parcels – no weighing, pay the postage fee paid on the Internet, attach an Easy code to the parcel and off you go


Posti will launch a new service which will make sending parcels easier than ever. Customers can pay the parcel's postage fee on the Internet at www.posti.fi/lahettaminen. Price is based on dimensions instead of weight, so sending will often be less expensive. The Easy code can be obtained from the Internet and transferred to e-mail or a mobile phone  for sending the parcel. The code is written on an adhesive label on top of the parcel and the parcel can be left at any Posti service point without queueing.

- We are introducing digital services to complement traditional services in order to make transactions as simple as possible. With the new dispatch method, customers do not have to fill in and print address labels. The price can easily be seen from the Internet and it is based on dimensions, so weighing is not needed. Many phases are also omitted in the Posti outlet. All the customer has to do is attach the Easy code to the parcel and leave the parcel at any Posti service point without queueing, says Anna Lehtonen, Director, Retail Network at Posti.

Adhesive labels for the Easy code can be obtained from a Posti service point, and Posti will also send them to households inside Postinen.

Parcels can already be picked up digitally without printed documents.

- A notice of arrival can be obtained asan SMS or e-mail or the mobile phone's Posti application, and only acknowledgement is needed at the Posti outlet. Currently, we are also testing positioning technology and the use of Posti's mobile application to assist pick-up in five Posti outlets. This means that everything is taken care of digitally, Lehtonen says.

Postage fee according to dimensions

When leaving an item at a Posti outlet, the web service determines the postage fee based on the parcel's dimensions. You do not have to know the weight of the parcel as long as it does not weigh over 35 kg. The price is also determined in the same way at Posti Parcel Points. At Posti Parcel Points the postage fee can be deduced from the size of the locker and it can be paid using a chip card.

The parcel can be sent from your own mailbox in a sparsely populated area

Consumers covered by the pickup sign service and living in a sparsely populated area can send letters and, in future, also parcels with the Easy code from their own mailboxes. Prepaid letters, cards and parcels paid through the web service will be picked up for delivery when incoming mail is delivered to the mailbox or the same mailbox group. The mailbox must be furnished with thepickup sign.

The pickup sign service is possible in a sparsely populated area if the distance from the mail recipient's dwelling to the nearest Posti outlet or mailbox is more than three kilometers. The customer can check from Posti Customer Service the possibility of using the service.