Renewals to Posti’s consumer products


- Changes to postage fees from February 9

Posti will renew its services in February to achieve a clearer service offering for consumer customers. In February 2015, Posti’s cash services to consumers will undergo changes. Posti is already offering new parcel services that will make sending and receiving parcels easier. Most small items sent by consumers will be considered parcels in the future and will thus include Item Tracking.

Many ways to send and track a parcel:

Using the Posti web service, it is possible to check in your parcel, in other words, to pay the postage fee and print out an address label for the parcel online. You will receive an electronic notice of arrival for the parcel. 

In addition to the traditional Item Tracking service, your everyday life will be made easier by the Posti mobile application that gives an estimated date and time of delivery and the weight of the item. It notifies you when a new notice of arrival has been received. With the application, it is easy to use the parcel routing service and choose the best pickup location for yourself.

 “It is important for our customers to know the location of their deliveries at any given time. Posti offers various options for sending a parcel, and the users of online flea markets, in particular, have discovered the convenience of Posti parcel points. At the moment, we have 1,450 service points across Finland,” says Posti's Business Manager Saara Pietilä.

The Parcel to the Doorstep service will be simplified: the recipient will always be contacted for a suitable delivery time. In large cities, evening delivery times will also be possible. The available delivery times can be found by using the delivery time inquiry on Posti’s website. The domestic Maxi letter, delivered without Item Tracking, will no longer be available for consumers from February 9, 2015. To learn more, please read Posti’s delivery terms.

Changes to postage fees from February 9

The most common postage fees will change on February 9, 2015. The price of a domestic first-class stamp will increase to €1.10 (from €1) and the price of a second-class stamp to €1 (from 90 cents). For international letter items, the price of a letter or card weighing 20 grams or less will be €1.10 for first class and €1.05 for second class.

The prices of Posti’s forwarding and delivery interruption services and parcel services will also change. The price of the most inexpensive postal parcel that weighs up to 2 kg and is sent from a Posti outlet will be €7.90 after the change (formerly €7.60).
Finnish households spend, on average, slightly under 30 euros a year for sending cards, letters and parcels, so the increase per household amounts to two to three euros.

The price increases are attributable to the continued rapid decline in the delivery volumes of postal items due to digital communications becoming more common. In January–September 2014, the volume of addressed letter items declined by 10 per cent compared to the previous year. Postage fees must cover the costs of item collection, transport, sorting and delivery. Despite the measures taken to improve efficiency, costs cannot be reduced to fully correspond with the reduction in volume.

More information on consumer services and prices at and Posti Customer Service +358 0200 71000 (local network charge/mobile call charge applies), Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Stamps may be purchased at approximately 4,000 postal outlets or via Posti’s online shop.