Record-breaking number of Christmas parcels sent via Posti – parcel volume for the entire year increased


This Christmas, Posti handled more than a million parcels in one week for the first time ever. The record-breaking volume for the Christmas week at Posti was more than 1,035,000 parcels. Parcels were delivered to recipients in postal outlets, Parcel Points and to their home doors. Posti's parcel delivery is environmentally friendly and uses carbon neutral transport.

More and more parcels are ordered from online stores for Christmas. In December, the number of parcels Posti delivered to consumers increased by 10% from last Christmas. All in all, the number of parcels delivered by Posti during 2015 exceeded 33 million. Volume increased by 2.5% from last year. Posti's Parcel Points are more and more popular. In 2015, the number of parcels traveling through Posti's network of 482 Parcel Points increased by 48% when compared to the previous year. 

Posti is the first choice for parcel deliveries for consumers

According to a survey conducted by IROResearch in November, Posti was considered the best company providing parcel services in Finland. Posti is also the most frequently used and best-known parcel delivery brand. In addition to the ease of receipt, consumers appreciate easy returns and Posti's item tracking that is available for customers online and also in mobile devices.

The choice of the parcel's pick-up location is primarily affected by location and opening hours. Posti invests in these also with the renewal of the Retail Network. Posti has the widest and most versatile Retail Network in Finland. Posti's Parcel Points are considered the best pick-up locations for parcels in Finland thanks to their ease, speed and opening hours. Posti's other service points are also more popular than the alternatives provided by competitors.

The survey was realized in IROResearch Oy's national IRONet consumer panel in which a total of 500 research interviews were conducted. The data collection period for the survey was November 19-29, 2015.

Christmas card tradition still going strong

This year was no exception as again Christmas cards brought warm wishes from senders to millions of recipients. According to Posti's Christmas card survey, 76% of Finns were planning to send Christmas cards, just as last year. Posti delivered more than 30 million Christmas cards. The Christmas card tradition is still a vital part of Finnish Christmas celebrations and remembering loved ones, which is connected with Christmas.

The respondents to the survey feel that an electronic Christmas greeting is not as good as a traditional Christmas card. This means electronic greetings are not replacing the traditional Christmas card even though the number of Christmas cards has decreased slightly. Even young women aged 15-34 send more traditional Christmas cards than electronic greetings.

Most Finns consider themselves as Christmas people, 63% of Finns consider Christmas to be important and all of them also send Christmas cards. Christmas is clearly most important for young men and women. Sending Christmas cards is especially favored by those over 35 years of age, as they send 15 or more Christmas cards.

Posti's Christmas card survey was conducted by TNS's Gallup Kanava during October 16-21, 2015. The survey was completed by 1,024 consumers, which is a representative sample of Finns aged 15 or older.