Posti's new logistics center in Lieto boosts e-commerce


Posti's new logistics center, opened near Turku in Lieto, is the hub of e-commerce. A substantial number of online store shipments arriving in Finland through the ports of Turku economic region and shipments exported from Finland go through the hub in Lieto. Posti's technology investments and renewed services meet the needs of the growth in e-commerce. The vendor has more selling days, and the consumer may receive the parcel on the same day.

- Posti's work on the process of parcel handling has been determined. Our logistics center in Vantaa, featuring a robot-assisted hybrid storage, and the Lieto logistics center, equipped with the latest sorting technology, are Posti's answer to the wishes of our parcel and e-commerce customers, says Yrjö Eskola, Director of Production at Posti.

The amount of traditional mail will be significantly reduced; according to some estimates, the numbers will be cut in half during the next five years. The number of parcels, however, will increase at an annual rate of 4-5% due to e-commerce.

More selling days for the store and purchases delivered on the same day

Due to the renewed Posti service, our sender customers will have a faster handling process for their products, and the orderer will receive the shipment earlier.

Posti has one of the most modern sorting and service solutions of its scale in Europe in terms of technology and service integration. Transports are connected with the service package, which enables faster deliveries to customers.

- In practice, this means up to 2-3 additional selling days for the store, which is particularly important for Finnish commerce now that the Christmas season is approaching. Consumers, in turn, can receive their online store orders on the same day, says Yrjö Eskola.

Posti's cloud service GLUE provides e-commerce with opportunities for growth

In addition to sorting technology, Posti offers its new cloud service, GLUE, as the motor of delivery chain solutions of e-commerce. It brings customers, online stores, and suppliers under the same network. The service will delve into one of the largest challenges in e-commerce; how to make as large a selection of products available for the consumer.

GLUE will transfer the customer's order from the online store to the cloud service where the delivery can be directed to the customer directly from the supplier's storage, the online store's own storage, Posti's storage, or the shops of the multi-channel retailer.

- GLUE helps retailers to have a wide selection without straining the floating capital of the retailer. Suppliers are given the chance to sell their entire product selection in several online stores. GLUE acts as the motor for the growth of e-commerce, says Jaakko Kaidesoja, Director of E-commerce Development at Posti.