Posti challenges coders at Slush Hackathon


What kind of new logistics solutions are created for e-commerce when Posti challenges professionals and students in the field to develop solutions for real-world problems? Ultrahack 2015 gathers together the best coders under the same roof in November. 

Ultrahack 2015 is a world-class coding event organized in Helsinki, involving an unequaled group of coders developing solutions for challenges received from Posti, among others, while competing for the opportunity to present their work to international investors at the SLUSH business event as part of the Slush Hacks concept.

"Posti is challenging the coders to find solutions to create smoother e-commerce logistics. Ultrahack 2015 offers both students and business teams a fantastic opportunity to combine coding skills, business creation and open-minded innovation," states Jaakko Kaidesoja, e-commerce Development Director at Posti.  
For the first time ever, Posti provides participants with access to an unprecedented number of interfaces to its existing systems.
"We are looking for a solution that will in some way facilitate the logistics of e-commerce in the future. It could be related to supply chain IT systems, robot-assisted automated warehouses, opportunities for utilizing big data, parcel tracking, return logistics or using gamification to develop the customer experience of the online store," Kaidesoja explains. 

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Ultrahack 2015 is organized on November 8-9, which is the weekend just before the actual SLUSH event. The contest is organized by Teleforum ry and the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries. Ultrahack is supported by Anne Berner, Minister of Transport and Communications. Read more about the event.