Effects of the Friday protest on Posti’s services (UPDATED September 18, 2015 at 4:00 p.m.)


The protest organized by various labor unions on September 18 to protest against the decisions made by the Finnish government has also caused disturbances to Posti's services. Due to the scope of the demonstration, many of Posti's functions have been interrupted, but some services have been performed in spite of the exceptional situation. Work stoppages will continue until midnight in some of Posti's functions.

Posti has made special arrangements and will do everything in its power to minimize the inconvenience caused to customers. According to the current estimate, the congestion caused by the protest will subside and the situation will return to normal during next week.

In spite of the protest, Posti has carried out the early morning delivery of newspapers, blood transports and food/meal transports throughout Finland.

As a rule, Posti's service points operating in connection with Posti's partner companies are open as normal.

As a rule, Posti's parcel points are open and some have also been able to accept parcels for sending. Parcel sending services may be crowded in the busiest locations.

Posti's own service points that are open as normal. The service points may be crowded.

Posti's own service points that will be open partly

Some services were excluded from the protest. However, delays may occur if transportation or a sufficient amount of other necessary resources related to the services is not available.

We kindly ask our customers to note that ON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18:

According to the current estimate, there will be major delays in the following of Posti's services:

Posti's digital web services will function as normal at posti.fi.