Delays in mail delivery in some areas (update 17. Nov)


Illegal industrial action causes delays in mail sorting and delivery in some parts of the country.

On Monday illegal industrial action was underway in Vehmaa Vinkkilä (23200). The dalay in delivery is expected to last for about one day.

Last Friday illegal industrial action was underway in delivery in Helsinki (00390 and 00520), Orivesi (35300) and Kuopio (70100), which may still cause some delays in these areas.

On Thursday illegal industrial action was underway in delivery in Helsinki (00660), Espoo (02200), Kuopio (70100), Kempele (90440), Oulu (90650), Raahe (92100), Tornio (95400), Rovaniemi (96100) and Kemijärvi (98100).

The delay in the delivery of mail concerns the daily distribution of letters, magazines, newspapers as well as free advertising and parcels.

The illegal industrial action will not have any effect on the early-morning delivery of newspapers or Posti's other services.

Logistics Union PAU issued a strike notice on industrial action during 19. November - 1. December, read more.

The background to the industrial action measures is the expiry of the collective agreement in the Mail Communications and logistics area on October 31 and lack of an agreement in the period after that.

Posti is prepared to use temporary and supplementary workforce as well as subcontracting in potential disruptions in order to secure the services promised to our customers. With the help of temporary and supplementary workforce, Posti aims to minimize disruptions to services during the ban on overtime set for the members of the Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU and the illegal industrial action measures.

- It is our hope that our personnel would prefer to choose to work over demonstrating. The competitive situation in our industry is tough and we don't want to endanger services and lose customers. We would like to apologize for the delay in mail delivery caused by the industrial action of PAU and for any harm caused by such delay, says Jarmo Ainasoja, Director of Posti's Control Center.