Tom of Finland stamps made available for advance order due to international demand


The Tom of Finland stamps have raised considerable interest all over the world. Since a large number of customers from different countries have been interested in buying the stamps, they were made available for advance order at the Posti online shop ( ). The amount of stamps issued in the first issue is the norm for a sheet of three stamps, which is 200,000 sheets. By placing an advance order, fans of the art of Touko Laaksonen will receive the stamps delivered to their home right after they have been released on September 8.

"The extent of the international attention received has been unprecedented. Tom of Finland works are unique and known worldwide. The works selected for the stamps are among the most tame in the artist's portfolio, but nevertheless display his characteristic style. The presentation of the stamps has received praise worldwide," says Development Director Markku Penttinen from Itella Posti.

In Finland, the Tom of Finland stamps have raised discussion among supporters and critics. Itella has been thanked for choosing a unique subject for the stamps and remembering the renowned artist. On the other hand, some are concerned with the homoeroticism of the art of Tom of Finland.

Tom of Finland artist Touko Laaksonen is considered as one of the most famous Finnish artists abroad. His drawings have attained iconic status in their genre and had an influence on, for instance, pop culture and fashion.

Posti issues stamps with about 20 different themes yearly. Tom of Finland is one of these themes this year.