Authorities decision on Itella’s St. Petersburg warehouse case


Decision of the Pushkinskiy district court of St.-Petersburg on the criminal case concerning the warehouse accident at Itella' logistics center in Shushary, St. Petersburg in July 2012 has been taken: All charges to Itella's management in Russia have been dropped and the case is terminated.

Press release on July 30, 2013: 
Actions of the authorities concerning the warehouse accident at Itella's logistics center in St. Petersburg are proceeding

Press release on July 26, 2012:
Shelf system collapses in Itella's St. Petersburg warehouse – causes damage

Further information:
Markku Rajamäki, Director, Security and Risk Management
Pekka Leskinen, General Counsel, tel. +358 20 452 3366 (Itella MediaDesk)

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