AKT strike over - Itella transport services back to normal


The strike of transport and terminal workers belonging to AKT and the delivery blockade at ports has ended. Itella domestic transports were back to normal already yesterday and the transport of goods arriving by sea will be normalized during today, Friday. 

- We wish to thank our customers and partners for their understanding and trust in our ability to act in exceptional situations. Unfortunately, this excessive and illegal strike caused harm to our customers, which was then mirrored in the whole of Finland, says Vice President in charge of Domestic freight, Timo Kinnunen.

The causes of the strike were the changes in operations, job descriptions and therefore terms of employment related to Itella's objective of making line haulage more efficient. The difference in opinion concerned twenty direct employees, whose jobs changed as a result of the cooperation negotiations and the new collective agreement from transport work to terminal transport work. The strike lasted three days and involved 230 drivers.