Request: change your Posti user credentials for security


Due to suspected misuse of Posti's digital consumer services, we have locked some customers' Posti user credentials for reasons of security. If your credentials have been locked, you can use your online bank credentials to log in to Posti's digital consumer services. Everyone with Posti user credentials should change their credentials for security. Please use your online bank codes to login at > "My services". Check your information and your valid services. Please pay extra attention to phone numbers, email addresses and the parcel routing service.

Change your Posti username and password in the "Edit your Posti user ID" section. Do not use the same username and password which you use for other services. After this, you can continue using the services as usual. If you are a Netposti user, select "Netposti" in the top bar or log in at the site and check your information in the service. Also check your user information in "My information and senders" > "My contact information".

If your information has been changed, or you have received order confirmations or bills for purchases from online stores not made by you, report them to the police at, for example. Attach the false information you have found to the report and also notify the police that Itella Posti has also filed a report of the case (number 818/R/17073/13).
Also report all cases of suspected misuse to Posti Customer Service at (write SUSPECTED MISUSE in the subject line) or call our Customer Service number 0200 27100 (local/mobile call rate), Mon-Fri 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.