Posti is introducing 235 new service outlets this year


A total of 235 new Posti parcel points and R-kioski pickup outlets will be introduced throughout Finland in 2013. This is part of Itella Posti's goal of having a service network of 1,500 outlets by 2016. The current number of service outlets is about 1,100 and by the end of this year will be more than 1,300. The locations of the new service outlets will be gradually specified and we will communicate about them when their opening draws near.

"Parcel points and pickup points are an alternative service for full-service postal outlets. Today, Almost 80% of postal outlet visits are item pickup, and an increasing number of online store customers want to have more pickup options. Through the new service outlets, Posti has the most extensive pickup point network in Finland for online store purchases," says Petri Aaltonen, director at Itella Posti.

The first Posti parcel points were introduced in 2011. Parcel points are for sending and receiving parcels. The points are located throughout Finland, and the users comprise Finns of all ages. At the moment, already two Finns in three reside in a parcel point coverage area. The total number of parcel points is already more than 130, most of them in large shopping malls and large stores. A total of 175 new parcel points will be introduced in 2013. An increasing number of them are located in grocery stores in small towns, municipalities and suburban areas, and at gas stations.

R-kioski postal outlets provide the most common postal services: you can pick up items there, buy stamps and submit customer return items.  The current number of pickup points is 40. They are in central locations and are open every day of the week with long opening hours. Cities throughout Finland will get a total of 60 new pickup points this year.

"People's use of time, mobility and use of services have changed. To an increasing extent, our customers want to decide their mail routing. People want to use many services digitally on the Internet, and they also appreciate good, personal service and long opening hours of service outlets. A one-size-fits-all approach is not always suitable, so Itella Posti is continuously developing new service methods," says Petri Aaltonen.
For many years, Itella Posti has used a letter and publication mail routing service through which customers have been able to route their mail to a parallel address or their summer house, interrupt delivery during their holidays and take care of move-related postal services. Parcel Routing is now available: it is a service which allows customers to route parcels ordered from online shops to the Posti outlet of their choice. The services are available at the Posti website:

Itella Posti Oy provides mail services throughout Finland, including the deliveries of letters, publications and direct mail, in addition to parcel and express transport services, Netposti, as well as Posti shops and outlets. Itella Posti Oy is part of the Itella Mail Communications business group, which reported net sales of MEUR 1,168 and employed 17,800 persons in 2012. Itella Mail Communications is part of Itella Group.