OpusCapita is the first cloud provider in the Nordic countries to offer SWIFT’s new messaging connectivity


OpusCapita has signed an agreement with SWIFT to embed SWIFT messaging services for its clients. In addition, OpusCapita will be the first cloud provider to offer the 3SKey identity solution for its customers.

As a SWIFT partner, OpusCapita can therefore offer a new global connectivity option for its customers’ international payment traffic. OpusCapita, which is part of Itella Information, is the first cloud provider in the Nordic countries to offer this new capability. SWIFT’s cloud-based messaging solution will now be integrated into OpusCapita’s Payment Factory solution, which is offered as a SaaS service.

Security and user authentication play a major role when it comes to cloud services. 3SKey is a strong and recognized two-factor authentication mechanism from SWIFT and is based on public key infrastructure (PKI) technology. It is used by leading banks and corporates, and OpusCapita will be the first cloud application provider to offer the 3SKey identity solution as well.

”With OpusCapita we have a clear example of the new partnership model SWIFT is looking for. The strong presence of OpusCapita in the Corporate market with their cloud-based Cash-Management platform is a great fit with SWIFT‘s global reach into the banks. This, complemented with SWIFT’s 3Skey solution for secure access to OpusCapita’s Payment Manager, will offer the Corporates the functionality, security and reach they are looking for,” says Jan Heinsbroek, Senior Account Director at SWIFT.

Integrated with OpusCapita, SWIFT’s messaging allows companies to use banking solutions that flexibly support their global transaction needs. “OpusCapita has direct connections to all major banks in the Nordic countries and to most international banks. With SWIFT connectivity this network of direct banking connections becomes truly global and provides a significant TCO reduction for both OpusCapita and its customers,” says Tapani Oksala, Product Manager at OpusCapita.

The cloud-based SWIFT messaging which is integrated with OpusCapita, is easy to use, as no separate software or hardware installations are needed. The new SWIFT connectivity allows global banking to be conducted more cost-efficiently than with previous procedures and will provide even mid-tier companies effectively leverage the SWIFT network.

For additional information, please contact: Tapani Oksala, Product Manager, OpusCapita, +358 400 838 986, firstname.lastname@opuscapita.com

OpusCapita has 30 years’ experience in cash management and treasury solutions. This has enabled the development of the world’s most user-friendly financial software and services and has made the company a European benchmark in cash flow automation. OpusCapita is owned by Itella Information, whose services cover all aspects of financial management, from purchase order to payment and from sales order to management of incoming cash flows, plus a full range of accounting and payroll services. With benefits of scale, automated processes and best practices, the company manages its customers’ financial processes in an efficient, professional and flexible manner. Itella Information employs around 2,200 people in 10 countries, and its 2012 turnover was around EUR 270 million. www.itella.com/information

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