Itella outperforms environmentally


Carbon dioxide emissions from letter deliveries decreased by 10% in 12 months

Last year, Itella Group decreased its carbon dioxide emissions by 6,000 metric tons in Finland last year. From 2007 to 2012, carbon dioxide emissions compared to net sales have decreased by 26%. This clearly exceeds the total goal, which was 10%. 

The majority of Itella's carbon dioxide emissions are is caused by mail transport and delivery. Itella has improved the energy efficiency of its vehicles and property by cutting vehicle fuel consumption and electricity consumption at postal centers, for example.

"We became the first carbon-neutral postal service in the world in 2011. By providing our customers with carbon-neutral delivery services, we also cut emissions related to their products," says Hanna Kaustia, Environmental and Corporate Responsibility Director at Itella.

"Compared to 2007, for example, the carbon dioxide emissions caused by the delivery of one letter have decreased to a significant extent, and is currently 19 g of CO2, which is the equivalent of driving a car 115 meters."

In 2007–2012, fuel consumption by Itella delivery vehicles decreased by 9%. Biogas-powered vehicles with lower emissions have been used instead of gasoline- or diesel-powered ones. The purpose of driving habit monitoring devices, to be installed this year, is to pay attention to driving habits and further cut fuel consumption.

About 20% of Finnish greenhouse gas emissions are caused by traffic. The Ministry of Transport and Communications climate policy scheme for 2009-2020 is to cut the greenhouse emissions caused by domestic traffic by 15% from the 2005 level by 2020, in compliance with national and international commitments. About 60% of Finnish road traffic emissions are caused by private vehicles, 35% by vans and trucks and the rest by buses, motorbikes and other vehicles.

Zero carbon footprint of international parcel deliveries

Since 2011, all letters, papers, direct ads and parcels delivered by Itella Posti in Finland have been carbon neutral. International parcel deliveries now also have the Itella Green feature.

The first step towards being carbon neutral is the active reduction of the CO2 emissions of mail deliveries through measures taken by Itella. The remaining emissions are compensated for by taking part in climate projects that replace the use of fossil fuels and produce renewable energy through wind or biogas. This guarantees that a corresponding amount of emissions are reduced somewhere else.

Emissions compensation is through reliable, certified climate projects, which are locations evaluated by an independent environmental inspector. For Itella, emissions being subject to a fee is a further incentive to continuously reduce the emissions and energy consumption caused by Itella's operations.

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Half of all Itella mail delivery mopeds are powered by electricity. Itella Logistics electric vans move silently and do not cause any carbon dioxide or other emissions. All electricity procured by Itella in its property is 100% renewable, green electricity.