Actions of the Finnish Post and Logistics Union, PAU, cause disruptions in delivery


The additional work and overtime ban imposed by the Finnish Post and Logistics Union, PAU, has caused minor disruptions in mail delivery around Finland. These minor disruptions are expected to continue. Itella Posti Oy is doing its best to minimize the effects on the same households on consecutive days.

The ban has not affected deliveries related to health or safety; for example, laboratory samples and blood deliveries of the Finnish Red Cross are taken care of normally.

The situation may slow down customer service due to an increase in the number of contacts. Itella Posti Oy apologizes for the inconvenience caused by the actions of PAU and will do its best to ensure that services are provided with as few disruptions as possible.

End of collective agreement negotiations without resolution at the root of the problem

The additional work and overtime ban imposed by PAU is the result of the failure of the collective agreement negotiations that has led to a situation where no agreement is in force. The negotiating parties are Service Sector Employers PALTA and PAU. The parties have tried to come to an agreement based on the centralized labor market settlement. The main reason for the failure to reach an agreement in the negotiations last week and the continued negotiations this week was PAU’s set of demands related to the restructuring of postal operations, with which the employer could not possibly comply.  The additional requirements put forth by PAU would significantly hinder the operations of the company and increase costs over the general level established in the job market.

More information about the current situation (in Finnish)