Itella’s CO2 emissions down by almost six percent


Itella has set itself a target to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 30% by the year 2020, compared to 2007 (in relation to net sales). Itella's environmental program has achieved good results: in 2011 CO2 emissions in Finland were reduced by 5,8%. Emissions per net sales were down by 2,3%. Compared to 2007 emission per net sales have been reduced by a total of 11%.

Energy efficiency in facilities in Finland was greatly improved. Electricity comsumption was reduced by 6% and normalized heat energy use by 11%. The proportion of green electricity (produced by renewable resources) went up to 75%.

Fuel consumption of main vehicle categories was reduced. Delivery vehicles consumed 3% less fuel that in the previous year. In October 2011 Itella switched to renewable biogas in its gas vehicles. Biogas has extremely low carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions and low particle emissions compared to conventional fuels.



2011 continued efforts to maintain and expand certified (ISO 14001) environmental management systems. The first environmental certification was obtained in Russia. Certificates now cover units in 8 countries (Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia). 70% of Itella employees already work in an ISO 14001 certified unit.

In February 2011, Itella became the first postal company in the world to offer entirely carbon-neutral delivery services. Every letter, publication, direct advertizement and parcel delivered in Finland is carbon neutral, without any extra charges for customers.