VR Group and Itella examine transport operations cooperation


VR Group and Itella have commissioned a report to examine the possibilities for even tighter cooperation in domestic groupage logistics. This mainly refers to transports not directly connected to rail logistics or postal operations. This type of business operations are operated by VR Transpoint and Itella Logistics.

VR Group and Itella view the near future of the transport business as challenging. The report seeks synergies which might be obtained by any tighter cooperation and ways to use them effectively. Benefits may be found for instance in joint use of terminals or improvements to transport capacity efficiency.

In the future the merging of operations to some extent is not excluded. All decisions on the future will, however, be made only after the report is completed. The report is due to be ready within six months.

VR Group and Itella are also examining the possibility for deeper cooperation in their operations in Russia. The primary aim is to ensure that the future strategies of the two wholly state-owned companies are mutually compatible and utilize existing projects.


Itella Group provides solutions for managing information and product flows. Itella operates in mail communication, information logistics and logistics in Europe and Russia. In 2010, the Group reported net sales of EUR 1 842 million and employed 29,000 professionals. www.itella.com/aboutus.

VR Group is a versatile, environmentally friendly and responsible travel, logistics and infrastructure construction service company. VR Group provides employment for 12 000 professionals in Finland and ten European countries.