NetPosti becomes part of the online bank of Säästöpankki banks


Handling personal finances now easier than ever

Säästöpankkiliitto and the NetPosti service of Itella Posti have signed a cooperative agreement for connecting the NetPosti service to the online bank of Säästöpankki banks. NetPosti will become available for Säästöpankki customers by the end of 2011.

The goal of Säästöpankki banks is to support the financial well-being of its customers and to make their personal financial management easier. NetPosti is an online service including a mailbox, an archive, thousands of official forms in digital format, and facsimile editions of magazines from a range of publishers. In this way, NetPosti helps consumers take care of their finances and go digital.

"Our customers check their mailboxes on a daily basis, and also do business in the online bank almost every day. It is great that the two excellent services can be combined seamlessly. Using the online bank and NetPosti, customers can receive, pay for and archive their bills and other official documents in a convenient way. We also find the ecological component of digital services important, which means that the cooperation with the zero-emission NetPosti is relevant," says Harri Mattinen, Development Director of Säästöpankkiliitto.

"NetPosti makes it easier to carry out daily tasks. It is easy to receive documents related to personal finances in particular and to store them digitally as data security has been taken care of. Around two-thirds of active Säästöpankki bank customers are already online bank users, and they are very happy with it, which is also the case for NetPosti users. We are confident that the cooperation with Säästöpankkiliitto will improve the satisfaction of our shared customers even further and will also attract new users to obtain the services," says Tommi Björklund, Director in charge of NetPosti.

"NetPosti will be integrated as part of the online bank of Säästöpankki so that it will be available for customers by the end of 2011. After that time, important documents will be systematically archived in one location for seven years free of charge.


Additional information:

Tommi Björklund, Director in charge of NetPosti phone +358 50 3866 203, email:

Harri Mattinen, Development Director, Säästöpankkiliitto, phone +358 40 849 2559, email: