Itella Real Estate Oy launches operations


Itella Real Estate Oy, a subsidiary of Itella Corporation, launched operations on January 1, 2011. Itella Real Estate Oy is fully owned by Itella Corporation, and is the centralized location of all of the group's Finnish real estate ownership, leases, management, development, and service purchases related to real estate.

Itella Real Estate Oy is the service provider from whom Itella's businesses and other units rent their premises and from whom they acquire the related property management services, such as maintenance. Itella Real Estate Oy is responsible for a real estate range of approximately 800,000 square meters, including sorting centers, warehouses, other production plants, as well as office premises and Posti shops.

In real estate matters, you may contact your existing contact person or directly contact the following people:

Petteri Kleemola, responsible for the launch of Itella Real Estate Oy, has been appointed as the Director of Customer and Network Solutions, a new business unit of Itella Mail Communication. Further communication on the appointment of a new CEO for Itella Real Estate Oy will be provided in the early part of this year.