Itella Corporation now co-owns Samlink Oy


Samlink and Itella will engage in closer cooperation through an ownership arrangement. Itella Corporation became a co-owner of Samlink on August 18, 2011.

From the very beginning, Samlink has been the supplier of the banking system of Itella IPS Oy (Itella Payment Services), a subsidiary of Itella. The operations of Itella IPS are related to invoice and payment forwarding. The IPS services also cover the transfer of money flows related to invoicing. In order to develop its operations, the company has applied for a license pursuant to the Act on Credit Institutions.

The ownership of Samlink after the ownership arrangement: savings bank group, Aktia Oy, POP bank group, Handelsbanken Suomi and Itella Corporation.

Further information:

Hannu Lanteri, CEO, Itella IPS Ltd, tel. 0400 816268,