Trial of future mail delivery method starts on April 15 in Anttila


Itella's mail delivery trial to test alternative future mail delivery methods will start on Thursday, April 15, in the Anttila Village of Porvoo. The trial will not be immediately launched on a full scale; instead, it will be gradually expanded as the participants get the necessary training and start using NetPosti. The objective is for the trial to be in full swing within two weeks. The trial will end at the close of 2010.

More than 140 households and companies are voluntarily participating in the trial. They will receive their daily mail in a completely new manner that combines traditional mail delivery and electronic services. The plan is to study which methods the participants find functional and which they do not in order to provide alternative services that are as functional as possible for the customers and which would replace traditional mail deliveries in the future.

- We are prepared for surprising technical or practical problems during the kick-off stage. We may encounter problems we have not anticipated, but we will resolve them. The most important is that we implement the trial as promised to the customers so that we can continue the cooperation, which has started well, says Tommi Tikka, Itella Development Director.

- The people of the village of Anttila have proven themselves to be brave and admirably favorable towards development. They want to develop the services of the Finnish information society and the services provided in sparsely populated areas in a whole new manner.

- Finns need not worry that Itella will force everyone to use this method of mail delivery. It is purely a trial to test which approaches could be functional. The best way of surveying the needs of our customers is testing the available alternatives together with them, says Tikka.

The unique trial has attracted interest not only in Finland but also globally. Plenty of discussion about the trial has also been going on in various social media channels. The public discussion has also included incorrect or defective information about the trial.

Here are some of the actual facts:

The media will have an opportunity to see the trial in action on May. A separate invitation to the event will be sent to representatives of the media.

More information for the media:

Tommi Tikka, Development Director, tel. +358 50 462 7645,

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