More than 500,000 messages received in NetPosti in November


Number of senders increases, users receiver more and more messages in electronic format

The number of e-letters and e-invoices sent to NetPosti has increased rapidly in 2010. Every month, the number of letters has set a new record, and in November the number of sent e-letters and e-invoices hit 500,000. The spectacular volume increase is a result of the increasing number of businesses and organizations using NetPosti for sending messages. This year, the number of e-letters and e-invoices sent via NetPosti will exceed five million.

- NetPosti has become the most versatile and comprehensive of the electronic services. NetPosti users have been asking for more contents in their NetPosti box and now their wish has been fulfilled. With more senders, NetPosti is better able to meet its consumer customers' needs, which in turn attracts more users to the service. We have started a positive cycle, says Pasi Ketonen, Business Development Director of NetPosti Services.

In the last three months, many new senders have joined NetPosti, among them the Finnish Parliament.

NetPosti meets the needs of users and the information society

NetPosti is a content-independent electronic service where the recipient may receive their official mail electronically, from bills to payslips and to messages from associations. In addition to this, the service contains an increasing number (almost 7,000 to date) of public authorities' forms.

- When Itella launched NetPosti in 2000, we already saw how the world was increasingly heading towards electronic communication. The service has been developed in many ways and we have actively participated in promoting the information society. In our view, a well functioning information society will benefit businesses and organizations as well as citizens, and consequently, society at large, says Ketonen.

In the past few years, NetPosti has been improved by, for example, integrating it into other services. S-Pankki, Tapiola Bank, the Ilkka and Pohjalainen newpapers, the Lyyra online student campus and the City of Oulu municipal portal have all begun utilizing NetPosti.

Further information:

Pasi Ketonen, Business Development Director, NetPosti Services, Itella Corporation, tel. 040 820 8808,,

NetPosti is a secure electronic service for consumers, including a mailbox, seven-year archive, 7,000 electronic forms, and over 170 electronic editions of magazines from 80 different publishers. At the moment, there are 4,000 sender companies and more than 280,000 consumers in the service. Over 3 million electronic letters were delivered to consumers through the service in 2009. Itella is also expanding NetPosti to include corporate and community recipients. For more information about NetPosti, visit