Itella Logistics launches a steam tunnel in Estonia


Itella Logistics has launched a unique steam tunnel for straightening hanging apparel in Estonia. The nearest similar device is located in Itella Logistics branch in Lahti, Finland.

Itella Logistics is the market leader in the field of hanging apparel and transport. By offering clients the advantages of the steam tunnel, they are able to focus on their main activities. The steam tunnel and processing of hanging apparel, storage, regional and international transport are targeted at the producers, importers and retailers of textile products.

 "We are happy to launch steam tunnel now also in Estonian market. In Finland we have a long history with fashion logistics and now we take a next step also in Estonia. Many fashion textiles sold in Estonia are produced elsewhere. For transportation clothes are either packed or hanging, Despite of transporting clothes in hanging position, they are still crinkled to some extent. To look good on the counter the products have to be processed in the steam tunnel and also wrapped if necessary. The alternative to steam tunnel is manual ironing that retails sellers have practiced until today, or the clothes were sold without ironing, wrinkled. Manual work sets limits to the capacity of apparel and requires plenty of human resource", says Meelike Paalberg, Country Director of Itella Logistics Estonia.

The steam tunnel processes 1600 products in one hour and wrapping device allows putting up to 800 products into plastic in the same time.

For more information: Meelike Paalberg, Country Director, Itella Logistics Estonia, email: meelike.paalberg(at)

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