Daily mail already available electronically in Itella's delivery pilot


The pilot for future mail delivery alternatives by Itella has got off to a good start in the Anttila region of the City of Porvoo. According to an interview survey conducted by VTT, most think that the new methods for receiving mail work well. 20 households and companies in the Anttila region answered the survey.

In May, VTT carried out an interview survey for finding out the initial reactions of participants regarding the delivery of daily mail to different channels: to the electronic transaction service NetPosti, to a mailbox at the local convenience store and twice a week to the recipient's own mailbox.  The interviews were also used to gather the participants' experience on the use of the postal parcel collection facility.

Most thought that the pilot has started well. The participants have also found that the NetPosti service is easy and convenient to use. The participants have different needs regarding to information: part of them is not interested in receiving SMS-messages that notify of arriving mail.

The development project actively utilizes the feedback and development ideas received from the participants regarding which mail items could, or should, be available in electronic form in the future. New features have already been introduced to NetPosti on the basis of this feedback.

The mailbox array is considered easy to use. On the other hand, all participants in the pilot never check these mailboxes; they are content with receiving mail twice a week in their own mailbox. People mainly only visit the mailbox array when passing through or when they need to go to the convenience store anyway. NetPosti is considered an important supplementary service in the new mail delivery regime.

The pilot has made little difference to the everyday life of Kristina Orela's family, participants in the trial: "We wanted to join the pilot because our family was already familiar with the NetPosti service. All serious communications of the household could in my opinion be electronic and also receivable in electronic form, but the paper newspaper is still useful, though."

The pilot has also started in line with Itella's expectations, and people have been active in their cooperation.

"The goal is to create a model of a mail delivery service that responds to the needs and expectations of customers regarding the new services and benefits of mail delivery. The pilot has allowed us to receive ideas and feedback from dozens of people. The pilot has already aroused much interest among people who live and stay in different places and for whom receiving daily mail in one physical address is not the ideal solution. Examples of such people include those living part of the year in the archipelago or abroad", says Tommi Tikka, Development Director.

The trial will end at the close of 2010. The experience gathered will decide whether the pilot will continue in the Anttila region and what kind of new services Itella could offer to the customers in future. Nearly half of the households and companies based in Anttila have joined in, 140 in all.


For further information, please contact Tommi Tikka, Development Director, firstname.lastname@itella.com, tel. +358 50 462 7645.


Here are some of the actual facts:

In April, Itella began a pilot based on voluntary participation with the objective of finding alternative solutions for mail delivery in future decades.  The development work is being carried out in active cooperation with the participating inhabitants. The feedback and development ideas provided by them are being utilized during the pilot.