Recession causes major decreases in mail delivery quantities


The economic recession has clearly reduced the number of letters, magazines, direct marketing messages and packages Itella delivers. In January and February 2009, Itella delivered 40 million letters, magazines and direct marketing messages, which was 8% less than in January and February 2008. The number of packages decreased by 10% from last year.

A decrease in volume could be seen in January and February in all the most important Itella delivery products:

- The decrease in delivery volume was not unexpected. However, we did not expect the decrease to be so fast and steep. Our challenge is that our fixed costs remain pretty much the same even through the delivery volumes decrease. This is because most of our expenses come from salaries. We have to deliver mail on thousands of routes every weekday, regardless of how much mail there is for each household, says President and CEO Jukka Alho.


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Jukka Alho, President and CEO of Itella Corporation, tel. +358 (0)20 451 5600

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