Itella Information at 9th European Shared Services & Outsourcing Week


11th – 14th May 2009 Novotel Budapest Congress, Hungary

Itella Information participates the 9th Annual European Shared Services & Outsourcing Week on the 11th – 14th May in Budapest. The focus of the event is on the opportunities that Shared Services can bring to any company looking to gain visibility into the way different departments, locations and business units are operating. As an European expert in managing information flows Itella Information acts as a stream sponsor for the event.

Shared Services and Outsourcing Week is aimed at shared service centre professionals around Europe. Approximately 600 attendees are estimated to attend the event this year. The program is designed to be very interactive and the goal is to help the participants to find new solutions in the stormy financial climate. Itella Information aims to help its customers by offering cost-efficient and effective solutions.

- Financial administration should support your business instead of just handling transactions and combining data. We have in Itella found out that companies can save 30-50 percent in financial costs. That is big news during these times, says Director Sami Seikkula from Itella Information.

During this year Itella Information is launching operations also in Hungary.

- Itella Information has a complex portfolio and availability for tailor-made solutions. This is good news since our customers have different needs in for example handling incoming invoices, circulating, approving, paying and finally archving them, says Florian Kugler from Itella Information, Hungary.

Itella Information will have both a workshop and a speaking session at Shared Services and Outsourcing Week as follows:

Monday, 11th May
14.15 – 17.15 Workshop I

Driving Financial Supply Chain Efficiency to Demonstrate Real Cash Returns
- Which processes are the most challenging to automate?
- What other options exist, if investing in automation isn’t right for your company?

Customer case study to kick start the discussion: Komas

Wednesday, 13th May
12.00 - 12.55 Leveraging outsourcing at any company size

How to achieve financial process efficiency without investing heavily in administration, systems or their development? How can you become more agile and make transactions easier to monitor? In this session Komas (a Finnish engineering supplier) will reveal how they gained almost 40% cost-savings by outsourcing financial processes to a local service centre in Poland

Workshop and speaking session facilitators:
Miikka Jämsen, Business Support Manager, Komas Group
Miikka Savolainen, Product Line Director, Itella Information
Sami Seikkula, Product Line Director, Itella Information

For more information
Sales Director Florian Kugler, Itella Information,, tel. +36 20 966 4277

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