Hannu Lanteri, CEO of Itella IPS Oy: “An application for a payments traffic corporation licence was submitted on 6 February”


Itella IPS Oy (Itella Payment Services) has applied for a payments traffic corporation licence in line with the Finnish Credit Institutions Act. The application was submitted to the Finnish Financial Supervision Authority on 6 February.

If Itella IPS Oy is granted a licence, it will become part of the Finvoice electronic invoice system developed by the Finnish banking sector. Participation in the system will give Itella more equal opportunities for providing, developing and further diversifying its electronic invoice data transmission services. Itella is not going to establish a savings bank or a credit card service.

Hannu Lanteri, MBA, was appointed CEO of Itella IPS Oy as of 1 February 2009. He came to Itella from the Finnish Savings Banks Association, where he acted as Development Director. Lanteri has extensive experience in banking management and consulting assignments in the fields of business and data administration.

Eero Soisalo, B. Sc. Eng., was appointed as Development Manager of Itella IPS Oy as of 2 January 2009. Before this, he worked for Kaupthing Bank as Senior project manager responsible for the development of the Kaupthing Edge online bank, banking/data security and planning related to continuity and preparedness.

Oy Samlink Ab will supply Itella IPS Oy with ready-made banking systems. Other key partners include Aktia Bank plc and ACH Finland Oyj. 

Hannu Lanteri, CEO of Itella IPS Oy:

- At the moment, Itella transmits electronic invoicing data to consumers through two channels: to the Finvoice electronic invoice system via online banks and directly to the NetPosti online services. For companies, Itella offers various electronic invoicing solutions. In the future, the licence will provide Itella with the opportunity to make wider use of all electronic distribution channels and to more extensively integrate electronic invoices with a company’s financial management systems. With its operations, Itella IPS Oy will promote the development of electronic invoicing and payments in cooperation with banks.

For further information, please contact: Hannu Lanteri, CEO, tel. +358 20 451 6169, email: firstname.lastname@itella.com